The KawoNi Babycarrier

A wearing carrier built like a modular system.

Each part of the KawoNi can be purchased separately.


The special features of the KawoNi include:

♥ Individually assembled, each part of the KawoNi can be purchased separately.

♥ Replaceable straps.

♥ The back panel can be adjusted on the straps with a double ring system.

♥ Can be worn on both sides – reversible.

♥ It has a second tunnel for the Full Buckle and Onbuhimo functions.

♥ Two loops on the side of the back panel for convenient wearing of larger children.

♥ Apron wearing (from birth) possible with buckle straps as well (full buckle), without influencing wearing properties.

♥ Extra shortening of straps for very thin parents.

♥ Hip belt can be replaced, with buckle or for tying.


 Can be worn from birth through early childhood (size 50 to 110).

Strap width 18-53 cm